Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So very lucky...

four years ago tomorrow
you came into this world
seven pounds seven ounces
black hair on your head
perfectly formed by God
carried in the womb
and bared by another
always in the heart
of your birth mother
wondering how she feels
as she waits for this day
knowing she must think of you
as her demons pave her way
As for me
I get the blessing
to watch you grow
to tackle you with kisses
catch you when you fall
be here by your side
when you want to snuggle
listen to you talk
laugh at your jokes
smile when you are ornery
what else can I do
four years old
so smart and aware
you ask about your "old house"
I tell you and show you where
then I ask you
where did mommy carry you
before we found each other
the sweetest words I can hear
you whisper close to me
"mommy carried me in her heart"
with that smile
with those eyes
with a big smooch and a hug
so lucky
so very lucky

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