Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Earlier this week I posted about a few things that happened during Emma's week that seemed a little too coincidental to be just that. Tonight another one of those things happened that has not only warmed my heart, but answered a little question I have always wanted to know.
Today is Emma's Birthday. She would be 4. I remember a few years ago sobbing in the middle of Krogers wondering which balloons to buy her, not knowing her preference. This year it was an easy choice, Pooh, because Anna and Wyatt are both into Pooh and Friends right now. We chose a few balloons to go with it, pink, blue and two shades of purple. We took the balloons to the cemetery and sang happy birthday. We stayed for awhile enjoying the wonderful weather and while we were there minutes apart two of the balloons popped. The pink and the blue. As we watched the remaining balloons fly I mentioned to T.J. that purple must be Emma's favorite color. We went home and played outside and I hadn't thought much more of it until just after sundown the doorbell rang. It was my mom and dad, standing in the doorway, with 2 purple balloons. I had tears in my eyes as I told them that is was so weird they brought two purple balloons. My mom had a look in her eye and looked right at my dad and said "see I told you". Seems she knew when there were 2 purple balloons together that those were the ones to bring. We are so blessed in this life to receive these signs and to be able to be open enough to really see them. As Anna and Wy let the balloons into the night sky we watched as they stayed within feet of each other all the way until they disappeared. Seems Emma let us know that she likes purple today, coincidentally it is now Anna's favorite color too.

Happy Birthday sweet girl....


  1. Tyler came in the house and told me that you released balloons! He said, "Mom, i think it's for the baby in Heaven" I don't know why he thought that? Weird? PS...purple is my favorite color too!!

  2. That brought tears to my eyes!