Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I see you mama

I see you mama 

My heart is broken for you

I know a glimpse of your pain

As life pounds you down

You smile 

As Hope gets harder to have 

You have hope

As the emotional and physical pain

Of praying and hoping 

Of excitement and positive thoughts 

lead to immense heartbreak

You move forward

I know each loss is a part of you

Each baby has a piece of your heart

Each loss was your child

A child you prayed for

A child you planned for 

A child you dreamed of 

From the moment you thought just maybe 

From the moment you got that positive test

From the moment you prayed that this pregnancy would be that one time 

As you travel this road 

Of uncertainty and sadness 

Of hope and faith

When the path gets so dark 

When you feel so alone

Know you are not alone

I will remember each of the babies 

You carried 

You loved

You dreamed of 

I see you mama 

You are not alone ....

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