Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Best You

My buddy.

My best boy.

Some nights I need to stop. 

Stop and think. 

Stop and reflect. 

Stop and remember. 

When you are at your worst.

When it brings me to my worst.

There is more than either of us know. 

Sometimes when the moon is full.

Sometimes when Daddy has to leave. 

Sometimes when there are big changes.

Sometimes when you know I need my attention elsewhere. 

Sometimes it is the perfect storm. 

You make things difficult. 

You get a reaction. 

You know how I work. 

I raise my voice. 

You lose a privilege. 

I take time to quiet my mind. 

You take time to make some noise. 

We meet and we talk. 

I tell you I know why you are having a bad night. That it doesn't make it okay. 

That I understand how you feel. 

Sometimes we need to sit and hold each other. 

I have a different set of rules for you. 

I learn something new everyday. 

About you. 

About myself. 

About the person I hope you become. 

About the amazing person you already are. 

About the parent I need to be for you. 

You hate to be alone

You love to tell stories

You sing along to every song

You are caring

You are kind






Always hungry

And amazingly you. 

Sometimes I need to remind myself 

I only ever ask you to be the best you.

Sometimes I need to remind myself 

That the best you is pretty amazing. 

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