Thursday, November 5, 2015

Like Sands through the hourglass...


There aren't many constants in life. Many things you can count on day after day, without hesitation or worry. For the past 30 years I have had one of these things. It is something that makes me happy. Something that relaxes me. Something I look forward to 5 days a week. This something is- Days of our lives.

When I was in Elementary school I remember sitting on the couch with my mom after school. Fast forwarding through the commercials of her VHS tape she used everyday to record DOOL. I remember Marlena as the devil and Carly being buried alive. Stefano's many plots and plans and all 3 Roman Bradys. I grew up wanting to try Clam Chowder and longing for a ride on the Fancy Face. I knew every couple's love song and could hear MacDonald Carey's voice in my head.

As I got older and learned to use a VCR on my own I continued to watch my favorite show. I scheduled my college courses around it and eventually scheduled Naptime around it as a mom. Anytime my mother and sister and I are together we discuss what is happening in Salem. Who is leaving, dying, murdering or crying. On more than one occasion we have been overheard and questioned on who we were taking about. We talk about hanging ornaments at the Horton Christmas and the Brady picnic on 4th of July. About Aremid and the Dimera Mansion. About our old favorites and new faces of old characters. About plane crashes, hidden islands, princess and underground tunnels. About the Brady pub, club tbd, Horton town square, the police department and of course the Hospital with the one room everyone in Salem has stayed in at one time or another. Each time we see each other, which is daily, the first thing we ask one another is "did you watch days?!". Whether at a party, dinner or even once at a funeral. The topic that comes up first is our beloved Salemites.

It is a fete unheard of to have a show celebrating its 50th anniversary on Television. My mom has watched since its inception, my sister and myself for as long as we can remember.

We talk about Hope, Jennifer and Sami like they are friends of the family. Discuss what we think is going to happen and sometimes how we fast forwarded through an entire scene. There is nothing I can say has ever kept my attention as long as DOOL.

This is not just a show to my family, it is a part of our lives. It is one thing that can take us out of our reality and bring us closer together. It is the little part of our history that continues to grow with us. For as long as I can remember Salem has been an escape for the three of us.

Hoping Salem sticks around for another 50 years. Or at least until all of the story lines come to a close, whichever comes first.

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