Friday, February 27, 2015

Newborn pics

I have to admit throughout my pregnancy I thought about Sammi's newborn pictures a lot. I thought about the poses, the backdrops and the amazing things Tricia would do. This was one of those little glimmers of hope I let myself have. I pinned about a hundred pictures I liked and sent a few to her so she knew what I had in mind. Fast forward to a few weeks ago in Tricia's studio- she worked her magic! I knew Going in how well she knows us and she would know what we wanted and she did. Seeing the pictures a week later was everything I imagined it to be!
I am in love with the memories of this time she has caught for us.
I made and sent my announcements and hoping most people have received them I am sharing a few of my favorites. 
This is my absolute favorite picture.

The headband was made for Sammi by Tricia. She is wearing my necklace. This is St. Gerard- the patron saint of expectant mothers. I was given this gift by my mother in law and I prayed with this necklace for my unborn baby everyday. It has such an important meaning to me which makes this picture even more special. The blanket behind her was made by a dear friend, Kelly, (who I didn't even know had this talent!) for a baby gift. Such a beautiful blanket made for an incredible background. Sammi's looking at me in this picture and I love the  look in her eyes- I love everything about this picture. 
All of the pictures turned out better than I could have hoped for.
So thankful for Tricia, Get the picture photography and mostly for the amazing family God has given us
and the opportunity to capture these moments. 

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