Tuesday, August 26, 2014


PAL- I have seen this acronym so many times. Been on Facebook pages and read blogs - but I never understood it until now. 
P- pregnancy
A- after
L- loss
There is something you can't begin to explain about the emotions of pregnancy. Any woman who has been pregnant understands these emotions. It is difficult in a "normal" pregnancy. 
But, once you have experienced loss it rises to a whole new level. Fear is an awful thing. The only thing I struggle with more is the knowledge of all of the things that could go wrong. Each time we pass a milestone- receive great news- I am so relieved. But each time brings me to the next step - the next thing that scares me. 
Feeling this little one move around inside me brings me comfort. Knowing I have a family who is empathetic and a doctor who will let me come in at anytime- anyday (just like I did today) is what helps me take each day by day. 
I am so looking forward to January. When I will sit and hold my baby. Watch her breathe and see her smile. 
One day at a time I will get there.
 We will get there. 

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