Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fostering empathy...

Fostering brings such a broad range of emotions.
 I have gone from feeling completely overwhelmed with the bureaucracy to feeling empathy for a young troubled girl all in less than two weeks. 

Sitting in on court and realizing that nothing really happens. 
Attending visits and seeing families.
Knowing full well how blessed we are to have this little man in our lives. 
Knowing full well the "goal" for him is to be reunified with his mother. 
Keeping his best interest at heart. 
Providing him with a childhood everyone deserves. 
I can't help but wonder how different his mom's life would be if she had  been given the same chances. 
Much like I think of Wy's "parallel life" - knowing he is one that got out of the cycle. 
I think that in all of this God had a plan.
 I think He has a plan. 
He knows why Baby D is in our lives. 
I think He sent us to court this week to see firsthand how is mothers life is. 
I think he helped me to see that she too is a hurt child in need of love. 
We may not be able to help her - but my actions and words will never hurt her. 

I will acknowledge her place in his life - she is his mom. 
We were tested last week. 
I was tested. 
We know we are in it for this little child. Praying that above all he stays safe and happy. 
Whether that be forever with us or with his mother. 
This system may be screwed up- but we are not sticking with the system- we are sticking with D. 

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