Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our year in Pictures 2013

New Year's Eve is upon us again.  I think even those who don't reflect often take time to reflect today.  We have been so very blessed this year.  We have our health, our home and each other. We have been able to spend time with our family, even those that live South, and those close to home.   I have watched my children grow closer together.  They started officially sharing a room in April. Bunk Beds so Wy didn't have to sneak in and sleep on the floor. Listening to them talk before they fall asleep has been such an awesome experience.  The love they have for each other makes my heart so happy ( I tell them that all of the time).  As they get older I can see little parts of their personalities that are going to make them incredible parents someday - and that make them incredible little human beings right now.  Somehow my babies are almost 6 and 8! Where has the time gone? They are still waiting patiently for a new brother to join them and what a lucky kid that would be to have siblings that love one another the way they do.  It is not a relationship I have forced or ever even pushed.  It is their choice to be friends and brother and sister.  That is the greatest gift I have been given this year.  To see them really grow into friends who care about each other.  To learn from each other and accept the little parts of their personalities that drive the other crazy.  All while loving each other...
 There have been a few things that have not gone how we hoped they would, but in the end of this year we have faith that God knows what is in store for us. He brought us Anna and Wy and I have no doubt that He is looking out for us and the child that is meant to be a part of our family.  So tomorrow starts another year- maybe this year will bring us our 5th child and maybe it will not.  Either way we are blessed and happy to be the family that we are.  As for 2013 it is nearing a close. I love to take pictures (big shocker there) and my favorite way to look back at the year is with a few of my favorites...so here is our year in pictures 2013.