Tuesday, October 15, 2013


As a parent it is normal to brag about your children.
Celebrate their accomplishments.
Force people to look at their pictures and listen to your stories about them. 
It is expected and it is welcomed.
Losing a baby can change that-
Twenty years ago it was not normal to speak your lost baby's name
Most people didn't take pictures, much less share them.
There weren't blogs and foundations using their names and likenesses.
Things were not spoken of - these babies were not spoken of.
We are so blessed to live in this day in age.
In a time when we do speak of our babies. 

We mention them in passing. 

We tell stories about them.

Share pictures of them.
Help others to grieve and to love
because of them. 

We teach our children about them.

Letting them know they have a sibling-
a brother and a sister to love
who watch them from Heaven.

We make sure they are a part of every season, every holiday- everyday.

I have formed as many relationships because of my children that are not here
as I have from my children who are. 
I have found solace and friendship.
I have learned from my grief.
I am lucky enough to have my very own Angels. 

I am open enough to share them.
Today, on October 15, those of us who have experienced loss
come together. 
We remember our own babies
and we remember each others babies

We light candles and speak their names
We share their pictures and we tell their stories.
We will work together as grieving Moms and Dads.
We will make sure that this is "normal",
that just because our babies are not on this Earth 
does not mean that they are not here-
they are in our hearts, in our homes and in our families.

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