Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For my Dad...

Tonight I read my Dad's Facebook post. As he prepares to escort my Uncle on the honor flight in a few days he has been reflecting back on his time in Vietnam.  This post inspired the poem that follows-

Seven of us played
Amongst the trees
In the park
On the street
Seven of us sacrificed
Amongst our brothers
Our fear hiding 
behind our call to serve
Seven of us left
Amongst the fear
Into the jungle
On the seas
Five came back
Amongst the anger
Into the confusion 
On home land
Two names etched 
Amongst thousands who died
Into the granite 
On the wall of heroes

Every time someone thanks a soldier. Holds a parade for a homecoming, posts pictures of soldiers coming home, I am thankful. I am proud of where our country  has come and I pray no one ever feels again the way the heroes coming home from Vietnam felt. I am a Proud daughter of a proud Vietnam Veteran. 

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