Thursday, July 4, 2013

So much to celebrate...

What a difference a year makes.  4th of July will forever be a reminder of how lucky we are.  Not just for our freedom or for the country we live in, but for this guy....

Last year on the 4th he came home from the hospital.  Scared and frail.
  Better than in the days leading up to this picture, but still not himself.  He had been through hell and our family had lived through hell.  Not knowing if he would be okay.  Not knowing if he would come home.

A lot of "crap" stemmed from the support (or lack there of) that was received over Corey's medical scare.  Sometimes in life when bad things happen you realize who really cares.  Who really has your best interest at heart.

Seeing this little guy today- healthy and happy- packing for Disney World- reminds us that miracles do happen.  Bad things can turn out happy and that God does hear our prayers.

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