Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Three years ago today.....

It became official.  Everything having to do with the worrying, the county and the fear was gone.  He was official.  He was officially ours.  Now looking back it never felt any other way, but having the fear be over was amazing.  I have forgotten Gotcha day in the past few years.  It has come and gone and we haven't made a big deal of it.  But now, thanks to the Disney channel and "Jesse" it is the coolest thing in the world that our family has a gotcha day- just like "Zuri".  With Wyatt we have always felt like a family.  He had 6 months in our home, in our family before it was official.  Even though we "gotcha"ed him in December it was "official" on June 25, 2010.  

So today we will celebrate! We got a cookie cake and we are going swimming at grandma's with his friends and family.  He even gets to share Gotcha day with his new "big baby girl" - Zahara.  She will be officially adopted this afternoon. 

So Happy Gotcha Day Wyatt!

You have taught us more in the past 3 years about love and parenting than we ever imagined we could learn.  You are smart and funny and ornery and crazy.  You bring out the best (and sometimes the worst:) in those around you and have filled a huge spot in our hearts and in our home.  Looking back we know we can get to this place again...since all you keep asking for is a brother with Corly hair like yours....Mommy is working on it buddy.  Mommy is working on it. 

Here is the video Uncle Brian made- a little of our Journey


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