Tuesday, May 21, 2013


You can't see the scars
The marks left from grief
The fear
The anxiety
Waiting for the other shoe to drop
Waiting for the next terrible thing to happen
Trying as hard as you can to 
Just stay positive
Trying as hard as you can to
Remember why you should 
Stay positive
The scars of grief are so much 
Deeper than the skin
Not visible to those
Who have not walked in your steps
They are not red and bleeding
No bandages to cover them
Yet so visible to those who know
Recognized in a look
Seen in the lightness of a markered on balloon
In the dried tears of running mascara
In the joy a small trinket left at the cemetery brings
In the comraderie of being
A mom to an angel
Our scars are not seen with the eye
Quite simply because they
are felt with the heart

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