Saturday, March 5, 2011

The baby bed

Well, Wyatt is a big boy. He slept last night in his big boy bed and today T.J. took the crib down. As he was taking it apart he brought up how many times it has gone up and down in this room. It was bought for our home study and set up next to the other crib in T.J.'s office...meant for Emma first and then for Connor. It brought him such sadness to sit and work between these two empty cribs that we took it down soon after our home study was finished. Then when Aidric came we put it back up and he slept in it for awhile and then we had to again take it down. It was a few months before we found out about Wyatt and in that time it sat in the basement storage. Then T.J. put it up again when he came. Now we have been using it happily for the last year and a half. This is the first time he took it down where we had such a great reason, a new big bed! I could still see in his face that the memories it holds made him sad. I had planned on donating it right away, but he wants to keep it for awhile. I know he has no plans of more babies, so I asked him just in case, and I was right. I think it is a sentimental thing. I understand that one, we can keep it for our grandchildren for all I care. It made me a little sad and very proud to watch him take it down today, helping me to remember all that he has been through as well. Sometimes we have to stop and look through our partner's eyes to remember we are not alone in this life of love and loss.

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