Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2 weeks

Here is this child.
This baby.
Welcome him into your home.
Treat him like your own- 
Except when we don't want you to 
Feed him 
Clothe him 
Give him 24 hour care
Make him feel wanted and needed
Help him form attachments 
But don't get too attached
Get to know him 
And in turn love him 
Have everyone in your life become a part of his
But remember you won't have a say
You don't get to decide anything
Let him spend 7 months bonding with your family 
Let him spend 7 months perfectly settled in a schedule
Aware of his surroundings 
Old enough to know what is going on.
Then let those in charge say he doesn't need a transition. 
This virtual stranger is a relative
Wants custody
Passed a simple home study 
He is only "1 or 2" he will be confused anyway - so no transition or visitation is necessary. 
Nothing is more scary than knowing this in compassionate thought process is in control. 
So we fight for him. 
For a sense of peace in transition.
For interaction with his new placement before being ripped from us. 
2 weeks
More time than others have been given - but not near enough. 
Just the thought of how we will let him go makes me gush in tears. 
It is preparing to grieve. 
Preparing for loss 
And praying for a miracle. 
The system is corrupt
This child is a number 
A case load
A nusence to the county
Not a person.
Lesson leaned- no matter how hard you want to save a child and love them ...
They make it near impossible.

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