Thursday, June 26, 2014

Finding Nemo...

When Anna was a toddler we watched Finding  Nemo a few times. We have ridden the ride at Disney world and know the  characters. However, I have never realized until recently how much I connect with this movie. I was Marlin. Somedays I am still Marlin. 
In the beginning of the movie Marlin and his wife move into a new home. They are awaiting their babies and all is right with the world. Marlin is strong and self assured of his future. Then tragedy strikes. He loses his family- he loses his children. From then on he is a different "fish". His fear takes over his life. He tries to protect the child that remains with him and thinks keeping him from things will help to keep him safe. His fear of losing again controls his life- and through it control his child's life. As he loses Nemo and finds him again he also finds himself. He finds that fear doesn't have to control him. He allows himself to live again. This movie is a perfect example of how grief can control you- how fear from grief can take the joy from you. And sometimes you need to let go of your fear to find yourself again. 

There, there, there. It's ok, Daddy's here, daddy's got you. I promise I will never let anything happen to you...Nemo.


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