Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just to Go Home

I have never understood death.  I have never understood why some people go so early in their lives and others sit waiting, praying to leave the Earth.  Tonight I sat with Aunt Jean.  Walking in to see her once again sitting in a high back wheel chair, crumbs on her lap, eyes barely open.  Everytime I see her now it seems to be the same.  She has been moved 3 times, each time she gets worse, she moves up a floor.  Each time I see her she just wants to go home.  Not home to a house, home to God.

Tonight I went to see her and she seemed to know who I was, but just for a moment.  The dimentia and alzheimers have stolen so much of her.  There are so many ramblings of ideas like a little movie roll is playing in her head.  She spoke of an old friend, Dottie Wunder, and I asked if she wanted to see her.  She replied, oh no she just had a baby.  Then she spoke of an Aunt Viola who lived in Clifton on Erckenbrecker.  I stroked her hair and held her hand.  Two things I could never imagine doing in her old life.  Her nurse, Von, was such a nice guy.  He told me how much he loved how she said whatever she wanted and I told him a few of the stories she had told me.  I told him  how she had worked into her late 70's and how she had watched Anna and Corey just a few years back.

Because this is not my Aunt.  This is a shell of a woman.  With wrinkled, bruised hands and her hair matted down. 

As I sat and talked to her I brought up things I like to remember.  I asked her if she remembered when I used to come over on Saturday nights.  Her eyes brightened as she looked at me and said of course.  I told her how she used to always make me green beans, my favorite, for dinner and she replied that my mother always had a vegetable with dinner.  We talked about the Golden Girls and Empty Nest in the moments of lucidity between the thoughts that seem to consume her.
At this point I know our visits are more for me than they are for her, though she seems to realize I am there.  As I got in my car I prayed out loud, sometimes when I am feeling in such a way I think He will know I mean business.  I prayed that she can be at peace and that He can call her home, because in the end that is all she wants...just to go Home. 

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  1. I used to visit my Grandmother that frequently talked about going home and seeing Grandpa. When the Lord called, it wasn't such a sad feeling because I knew she was delighted! Very strange feeling to describe, but nonetheless, so true!